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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Forgiving Yourself Series

Recently I wrote a blog on how to forgive yourself and it was the most-read blog of anything I’ve written, so I thought I better write more on this. It seems to be an issue. The inability to forgive oneself can stem from guilt—with 96% of women feeling guilt at least one once a day. One woman told me that’s minimal, in fact sometimes it’s all day, day in day out.

So let’s address this girls. Guys it’s good to be aware what your lady might be thinking.

Recently I was directed to a website, I found it professional and easy to navigate. My response? I felt inadequate as I compared the website and the owner to me and mine. Do you feel not good enough in different areas? It’s linked to guilt and the inability to forgive oneself for being you rather than another. We tend to compare ourselves with others and come up lacking in our abilities, looks, salary, education, grades ... complete for yourself.

Where do you not measure up to someone else? The Bible tells us we are not to covet or want what others have. For years I wanted to be Victoria Osteen—she’s such a dynamic speaker and so gorgeous with that long blonde hair and lovely face and figure, until God told me that I am ‘quirky’, and I am okay as me.

So I’ve decided to get my ‘quirk’ on. Yep I’m me. Who God designed. Sometimes I slip up though and need reminding as in the case of the website.

Elijah in the Bible was depressed when Jezebel threatened him – (1 Kings 17–2 Kings 2). But in reality he was a mighty man of God, a prophet who had caused a miracle for a widow who had run out of oil; called down fire from heaven to prove God is bigger than other gods and had been called by God to train the next generation. But he felt inadequate. Not good enough. Crazy you say. But you do the same. It’s the enemy speaking that wants to stop the called to walk in our God-given strengths.

When you and I feel we don’t measure we are telling the Lord He didn’t make a good model when He created us. I recognised I needed to accept my okay website and myself (with all my ‘quirkiness’) then forgive myself for being envious or imperfect. I also asked the Lord to forgive me too.

Join me. Let’s remind ourselves of our ‘quirks’. What makes us who we are?

And if you feel not good enough, forgive yourself for your fear, envy or other things against God or people. Then list your ‘quirks’.

You have skills, abilities, brains, and other things that are fantastic. Amazing! You are meant to be who you are. Don’t run away from your calling or your abilities like Elijah did and Jonah. You don’t want to end up in a big fish.

So, forgive yourself, dust yourself off, get up. You’re not alone like Elijah who was encouraged by God and His angels, got back on track and raised up the next generation—Elisha. Who knows what God’s got for you.

Love Peta XO

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