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Daily Gems & Amens



I believe you were created to be a wonderful influence so allow me to encourage you in that every single day!

For uplifting, personal words to start every day joyfully.

Daily Gems and Amens is a ministry of encouraging text messages that have been a signature of my coaching since I began my practice more than 11 years ago. I prayed over what each message should contain, to meet the various needs of those who received them. My clients continually responded so well and enjoyed them so much, as being very timely.


A few years ago, in 2020, just before Covid hit, ‘Gems & Amens’ became a ministry. I began to give them away around the world and the ministry began to be supported by the generosity of people regularly donating. 


It’s in my heart to inspire many more people, as they go about their own work and ministry in these very difficult times and for those in need of encouragement.


Would you love to receive Godly encouragement every day to inspire and uplift you? 


In a few minutes, some moving words can help get your day started or finish it off (for those overseas), encouraging you to look up in any difficult circumstance. And if you have more time, you could study and apply the daily words, with its associated verse, by journaling your thoughts to seek God’s meaning for you for that day. 


Should you want to, please feel free to connect and respond with your thoughts or testimonies to any of the messages, which would encourage me (remember to include your name).


You can help this ministry by praying for me and the expanding reach of the Daily Gems & Amens. 

You may also like to contribute to the cost of sending the messages out globally by donating a small amount each month. Even $2-3 dollars regularly given, could help the work continue its global reach ($10 or two cups of coffee pays for one whole month of inspiration to a person anywhere in the world. $20 for two). After You have subscribed please consider clicking on the Orange Button to donate.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 

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