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Are you a couple or want to be? Read on...


Are you a couple or want to be?

Let’s face it, men and women are from different planets! And trying to work out what our
spouse or partner is thinking does seem a mammoth undertaking at times. In this online group
coaching course whether you are single, married or want to be in a relationship you will learn
some basics to help you figure out the opposite sex’s headspace.

We will look at brain differences; how men and women think; love and respect Bible style;
getting out of conflict; disposition versus situation of thinking; positive or negative sentiment
override and much more.

You’ll be hearing from me and building relationships with others like yourself in chat rooms
and hearing what the other half have to say. It’ll be fun, it’ll be light but it will also be very
useful and educational going forward into a better relationship.

Register your interest now and we will be in contact when we have the numbers
interested—6-10. It will be run in the evening around 6 pm for 60 to 90 minutes for six
sessions, payment by donation.

God bless
Peta Soorkia

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