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Life Coaching

Contact Peta to have a free 30-minute pre-coaching session or for any other enquiry.

Individual Coaching

I am a Christian therapeutic life coach. What does this mean?

Firstly from my Christian perspective, everything must be under biblical mandates so that what I learn from science and psychology needs to line up with Christian values for me to use those modalities. I believe as a Christian and previously a Pastor, God has all our answers for life in His Word and by His Spirit living inside of us. So, I believe that makes my job easy – God is overseeing my work with those that I coach. I check in with Him very often for every client I work with.

What about the therapeutic part?

I’m an ongoing student of psychology, counselling and coaching so that if some clients get stuck, we can drill down into the therapeutic modalities that have been proven with scientific research to assist the unstuck process. As I mentioned I only choose those modalities that line up with my Christian values. Examples are narrative therapy, positive psychology, psychoeducation, solution-focused coaching and others depending on the client and the situation.

Now, the coach part.

A coach helps a client set goals for the future and learn from the past, adapting to life’s challenges with forward motion. As a life coach, I will draw out from you your strengths, your knowledge rather than me having all the answers to help you reach toward your goals by supporting, encouraging and believing in you.

Should you decide to begin coaching with me we will meet monthly, fortnightly or weekly via zoom sessions or in my home office in Altona, Melbourne for a period of no less than six months to get started on those things that you always wanted to address. There’s no time like the present to begin.

Book Now for an initial obligation-free phone consultation of around 20-30 minutes.

After an initial obligation free phone chat of about 30 minutes, you can decide if you would like to begin coaching with me. Depending on my availability and praying over whether we will be a good fit you may be able to start straight away or with a deposit await a vacancy.

Online Group Coaching

Consider getting a group or being part of a group online with others of
like-mindedness and needs requirements. Topics of interest might include becoming a Wonderful Wife; Happy Husband; Couples; De-stress God’s way; Trim and Terrific; Hearing God’s Voice. Register and I'll keep you informed about other topics of your interest.

Self Paced Online Course, Future Events, Blog & Books

Invest in the course Unstuck & Empowered: the first session, Freedom From Stress is free. 


Keep an eye on Webinars & Events for more exciting things that are coming up. 

My Blog is also a great way to stay informed about what I have coming up as well as give you a lot more detail on the courses I have run and plan on running.


My books are available to help you as they have helped many women to find real peace and freedom and beauty as well as Discover god's meaning in everyday struggles.

Contact me today for a free and no-obligation chat about the future you!

I look forward to working with you, believing in you, to seeing you reach your fullest potential.

Motivational Speaking


Let Peta speak in her original and quirky fun way to your people or congregation for an inspired Word that will uplift, encourage and point upwards.


Book Peta for a single session or for a whole weekend and see lives change for the better. Women will leave knowing they are people who can make a difference because they are changed from the inside out.


God bless
Peta Soorkia

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