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Want to live Unstuck and Empowered read on...

Snow Mountain


You can get a taste of working with me—I’m a Christian Therapeutic Life Coach by signing up for LIVING 




Allow me to be your virtual coach to help you get Unstuck, from anxious thoughts, depression, addiction and relationship challenges. I also want to assist you in the areas of forgiveness, boundaries, brokenness, fear and merry-go-round thinking by teaching you about brain science, building new habits and battling the spirit realm to finally win those battles you struggle with every day.


LIVING UNSTUCK & EMPOWERED was a year in the making created just for you!

A bit about me! I’ve been an educator, worked as a pastor, itinerated as a speaker, and for the past 12 years practising as a Life Coach to help people—yep you guessed it—get unstuck!

I’ve been asked again and again for this information plus the relaxation method I developed some years ago, so I’ve created this course to help you see your way out biblically.

Here is what the course contains once you sign up at an affordable price compared to paying for a coach.


Unit 101 explains stress and burnout and how to be relaxed and peaceful using Bible—and to try the course out you can download this for FREE.


Unit 201 is stress-less meditation and in it, I help you relax using Bible wherever you are, whenever you need peace. Practised over time, this can change physiological markers.


In unit 301 titled God and brain science, I explain how to harness neuroplasticity to rewire your brain to think differently. (Come on those of you who ruminate thinking negative thoughts, again and again, you are desperate to change this right?)


In unit 401 I cover the spiritual battle with easy doable practical solutions to win in the many skirmishers you face with an enemy who is out to get you.

Listen again and again to reinforce the teaching.

This 4-part video course complete with manual covers info to help your understanding of the Bible and up to date psychological science from my ongoing research studies in order to help you grow.

Please think about this! If you don’t do anything different today, you’re going to get the same results tomorrow.


So do something today towards beginning your freedom journey.

Try it out by signing up for the first unit, FREE!




See you there


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