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Updated: Jun 4

Isn't this a gorgeous picture? In Matthew (18:1-5) Jesus tells us that our faith is to be childlike. But what actually is faith? The Oxford dictionary tells us it is complete trust and confidence in someone or something. It says in a religious sense, it is a strong belief in doctrines of religion based on conviction, rather than clear proof.

And how does faith operate? In Hebrews 11, the faith chapter of the Bible, the Lord tells us in verses one and three that it is being assured of something that we hope for, without seeing the evidence! I like to add the word yet – as we haven’t seen it yet, which helps my faith.  To believe that my miracle and yours is just around the corner. The book of Hebrews was written to persecuted Christians who were Jews. And as they came to faith in Jesus Christ, this book was to help their foundation. The writer was talking about Holy Spirit power creating from things invisible, which helped these new believers in their faith.

The first act of faith that we all stepped into, was when we were saved. Ephesians 2:8, tells us that we were saved through faith. Salvation is a gift received by faith, then wonderfully, faith set up a home in our heart. Each time we operate and exercise faith, it makes our faith stronger. It is a bit like a new muscle that needs to be exercised. Amen?

How do we increase our faith? James 2:14 discusses the difference between faith and works. Faith needs action otherwise it is not faith. So what action do you need to take right now regarding a need in your life that requires faith? I love Jesus’s comment in Matthew 17:20, where he talks about having faith as tiny as a mustard seed to move mountains, so nothing becomes impossible!

Heroes of the Bible operated this way – if we emulate their faith and their actions, we too can see miracle mountains move in Jesus’s name!

Isaac was born because of Abraham and Sarah’s faith. Noah built a boat when there was no rain. Abraham offered Isaac, even though he was the seed of the promise. Joseph believed even from prison and stayed righteous.

Living by faith requires a huge commitment from you and I and it starts in our heart then moves to our head, which then creates action. Let us see life through the eyes of eternity and lean on God. The disciples needed this as they requested of Jesus to have their faith increase. So let’s do the same and ask, believe and expect!



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