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Are men really from Mars and are women really from Venus? Yep! Our brains are not the same which means we process, feel, perceive, and communicate quite differently. In terms of biology, men’s brains are larger than women’s, but women’s brains have more firing that occurs between the two hemispheres. What this actually means is there’s more going on in a woman’s brain than a man’s. When a guy says he’s not thinking about anything, it’s true girls. Even though this is almost an impossibility for most females to contemplate – certainly this is true for my husband and for other wives that I’ve spoken with.


A point Craig Hill, the founder of the worldwide Marriage Ministries, makes is that any relationship is built on communication but there are two types – topical and relational. Topical communication is everyday discussions whereas relational communication is what is happening underneath the topical level depending on our family of origin, our emotions, our love languages and any number of other differences in our make-up including the male-female brain polarities. Men tend to the topical, women the relational so that is often why we seem to be on different planets.


I know that you want a marvellous marriage. That’s why you’re reading this now. Wonderful wives (or wannabees), you can have that and more. 'How might that be?’ I hear you ask! Perhaps you have resigned yourself that your husband is how he is and nothing will change him. Well, I was in that place too and years later, we have a very happy marriage and I’m in one piece (usually) to tell the tale. Perhaps you are wanting to be married but you have tried relationships and they just haven’t worked out. Well, this online group coaching could be just what you need. Women from all stages in the matrimonial journey are welcome. Over the course of 5-6 sessions you will interactively learn how to care for yourselves, what godly submission is really all about, how to respect the disrespectful, women as control freaks (you are and you know it) and testimonies of those that have gone before!

And don’t forget self-care, which is loving oneself –— or die trying to do everything!

I suggest we all need to learn some basics to improve our potential for a happy marriage because success is not guaranteed. Romantic love is, unfortunately, not enough to sustain the ups and downs of the marriage partnership over time. So get some help. Read books, get coaching, get educated in the opposite sex and marriage. There’s plenty of resources out there if you know where to look.

Register Marvellous Marriages for Wonderful Wives for the next upcoming course, numbers permitting.

Marvellous Marriages for Wonderful Wives

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