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De-stress God’s way

Forgetful?  Can’t sleep?  Heart races?

Life has been tough for all of us the last few years and it seems that many have come out of lockdown anxious, sleepless, fractious, AND frazzled!


What are your stressors? Kids, finances, health, parents, work, ministry, or just bad days...


Know that these Cost YOU!


Not just money, but emotionally and in your relationships. It also impacts brain space, physical health and personal well-being. As a result, you could be suffering from what I call the silent pandemic – stress overload. It’s extremely detrimental to your well-being.

Is it time to build positive rest and relaxation, God’s way into your life? Read on—this might be your answer.

Spaces Are limited

I am offering unlimited and ongoing online sessions, open to anyone who suffers the considerable effects and downside of ongoing stress.


What You Will Learn*(see below for a comprehensive list of topics)


You will learn how to build new habits and receive a range of well-being strategies to unwind, rest and recover your body organs and your soul & spirit.

Included will be how to implement the latest scientific therapeutic interventions that line up with the Bible.

You will learn how to do biblical de-stress, or meditation – what I call God Moments. 

(New Classes TBA - Please Register Your Interest)

Topics will cover —Self Care, Stressors, Chronic Stress, Physicality & Stress

 Remember There Are Only a few Spaces Left 

Don't Miss out!

Register Now! 

and I will be in contact



*About the course

As a participant you can come to any or all of the optional sessions, I will cover the topic and answer any of your questions. After these initial 4 sessions, they will resume in June probably in similar time slots (according to needs) and then continue over several months to accommodate your needs.


Further topics:

The stress response

Biopsychosocial-spiritual stress impacts

Family of origin and stress

God, you, peace and stress

Brain plasticity, stress and habits

Positive psychology and the impacts of the benefit on stress

Exercise, goals and stress

Register now and you’ll have a complimentary 15-20 minute phone consult with me to check the suitability of the coaching for your needs.

The cost of your prayerful donation—I suggest $60 per session is MUCH less than the cost of the effects of ongoing stress on your personal well-being and health!


 Register Now! 

Before The Spaces Run Out

and I will be in contact


God bless
Peta Soorkia

Don't just take my word for it here is what people are saying:

I really liked the practical approach. It’s just what is needed – a small amount of relevant information (not too overwhelming) coming away with something I can put into practice straight away.

M 11/5/22

Learning how to de-stress was excellent. I was so relaxed. The worksheet was minimal so doesn’t look daunting but each word is very deep and relevant and has room to write! There was opportunity for special/focused attention. So glad I decided to attend thank you.

D 12/5/22

An engaging session with an emphasis on God which included useful and practical techniques to bring instantaneous calmness when experiencing stress.

S 12/5/22

 Register Now! 

and I will be in contact

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