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FAITH IS … (continued)

Updated: Jun 4

I’ve been meandering around this topic of what faith is for some time. Faith comprises of so many facets within our walk with God. My daily gems are exploring this, as are my radio spots. I think this is the way God teaches me. As I learn, then I share and then we all learn together. I love that. It’s the body in operation as we wander a little bit together.


Faith comprises loving. When I first met the Lord many years ago, in a split second, I felt the total, all encompassing, unconditional love and forgiveness of God. It brought me to tears and it still takes my breath away,


To those of us that have had this experience, we can never get enough and this grows our faith. As we experience more of God’s love, we learn to trust Him more. And because He becomes so real to us, that helps us share our faith to others.


In this love, He gives to us. In fact, He gave His one and only son (John 3:16), so we can be generous with this love. Psychology calls generosity, altruism. It’s a by-product of love and our faith. He also restores. Psalm 23 that tells us our soul is restored as we spend time in Him. He forgives and so we forgive, because he has forgiven us. This is the generosity of faith, the giving of what we experience in the living of our faith.


Even in difficulties of life, as we look for the blessings that are sometimes hidden or to be discovered, in hindsight of what God is doing, He is imparting through our growing and strengthening our faith.


Faith is like a muscle, and we learn from psychological and medical sciences, that faith is actually a brain location, which as we engage with and exercise it, it grows in structure and size. Personally, I have absolute faith for car parking whenever I drive and need a park. I know there is one for me and I must just look for it. I also have faith for the right home to live in. In all the years that we’ve bought, sold or rented, the right home, at the right price, has always been found because I believe it’s out there.


Psychological research shows something interesting about humans. There is a brain location which leads us to believe in the supernatural whether we are Christ-followers or not. It’s in our DNA, in the wiring in our brain, because we are designed by the Creator to believe. Psychological science calls this the ‘Cognitive Science of Faith’. Even children who have been raised in other cultures or in homes without faith, when something is not understood, the brain default is to recognise a divine reality outside our own.


I want to increase my faith muscles. To transfer somehow, my strong well-practised faith for parking or homes, to those areas of faith that need more exercise such as physical healing. What about you? After all, faith is God’s currency and as we sow it, we can reap it to increase it. In 2 Thessalonians: 13, Paul encouraged the Thessalonian church because he saw that their faith was growing and producing love. So for your faith journey, and my faith journey, as we learn to trust Him and to practice faith in the areas where we want to see growth, we can remind ourselves of the times when He has come through for us.


Why? When our faith is increased, miracles will increase. As a result, we can become more bold to see others we care about, saved. Who knows what could happen! We could see a new transforming move of God as you and I increase in our faith journey.



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