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I Am A See-saw

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

An elderly man built a see-saw for his young grandkids, under the shade of an old gnarled fruit tree that grew by the river.

The kids played there summer after summer until they grew beyond childish things. The see-saw then didn’t get much attention as it weathered with age. It wished that it could be used again, going up and down, up and down with the sun dappling the kids who laughed and played on it. But it remained, weathered and worn, with one end flat on the earth and the other pointing upwards to something better.

Fruit from the nearby tree fell on the old see-saw, soaking it with brown-orange stains and rotting the wood. It didn’t look fit for anything useful or good.

Then the old man died and most of the grandkids forgot the see-saw.

One didn’t. He came and lived in the old house, decorated it then married and had some kids. One day, during a walk, the man and his kids discovered the old see-saw under the branches of an old gnarled fruit tree. The father remembered his happy days on it long ago. With a hammer, some nails and wooden planks, he restored that see-saw. Once again children were heard laughing and playing at the river’s edge under the shade of the neatly trimmed old tree. The see-saw felt useful once again.

I am a see-saw. Sometimes I point upwards but then as I tend to go upwards then downwards, I may in fact be pointing downwards to the depths. But when I am used for others to take them up when they’ve been down, I am using my highs and lows for others.

Like the see-saw, I feel at those times that I am useful and designed for a purpose.

Are you a see-saw that’s forgotten to ride and look upwards?

Or do you need a hammer and a few nails to get you moving again to point in a direction for others to find laughter and joy?

Love Peta XO

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