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Problems in Fruitloopland #2.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Bananaman and Peachygirl from Fruitloopland, had big problems when they came to T-junctions whilst on the way to holidays to different Juicesides, where beaches were hot and sunny and the family spent holidays.

Peachygirl always wanted to go left at T-junctions because she had worked out left was always best and had checked it out on Frootlemaps. Left always took you to roundabouts with many different choices.

On the other hand, Bananaman always stopped at T-junctions and decided then and there which way looked familiar and best, whether he’d been to that Juiceside before or not. He wanted to work it out himself and win the fruity competition. Peachygirl, who had thought about this journey for weeks, no, months, knew her way to the left was right.

FatherOfFruit had the best way, which is generally to the right and generally a bit hazy beyond the fruit tree which lived to the right of every junction. When Bananaman and Peachygirl could hear FatherOfFruit above the noise of the lemons in the back seat fighting over who would play with what in Juiceside, their parents would hold hands (well their stalks) and head the FatherOfFruit way.

Hearing and listening to FatherOfFruit took some work but there were less fights and happier fruits in Fruitloopland and Fruitside, and in fact everywhere, when they took the time to do this.

The message of this fruity tale is: maybe don’t have lemons when you are bananas or peaches.

Or if that doesn’t appeal, because lemons are rather cute, then hold hands (now) with your fruity love and seek guidance from FatherofFruit, I mean God above about all things in Frutiloopland.

Going about things this way in Fruitloopland always works a fruity treat!

Stay tuned Peachygirlfriend ...

for more fruity hints on living with your Bananaman.

Love Peta XO

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