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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

You are!

And so am I!


Many of us are.

How do I know this?

In Genesis 3:16, God told Eve that as a result of the fall to temptation she would “desire” her husband. This actually means to “run after” and “run over” him, if you check out the Hebrew meaning*. I find that a little scary. Why? It suggests control right there, right there in the beginning.

Oh dear and ouch! We women have been trying to orchestrate things FOREVER and a day, girl.

The problem is that it's slightly exhausting for us. All this running around and over. We do it because we think that if we are not organising, intercepting or freaking out about something, then it won’t get done properly.

Ridiculous. And it smacks of idolatry.

Oh boy, it’s getting uncomfortable around here isn't it?

Why don’t we just give up? Let’s surrender this repeating merry-go-round going nowhere, to allow the Maker to organise things properly and a whole lot better.

Here’s a prayer for us if you’re game for it.

Father, I recognise that I am trying to be god in my world, so right now I take responsibility for this and will stop blaming others. I ask your forgiveness and renounce that old tempter who coerces me so that I go against You.

I ask for your help to resist this constant temptation of control.

In Jesus name.

Girl, let me stir you to positive action!

It’s time to fight and surrender every time you (and I) want to take those reigns back again.

Hand them over and be done with it.

THEN, His will can be done perfectly.

And beautifully!

That allows Him to do what He’s very very good at.

Organising the world.

Love ya!!

Peta XO

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* Strong’s Concordance, (2001): # H7783; # H8669.

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