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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hey beautiful woman. It’s time to stop and take stock. There are negative consequences to your ongoing stress. Immense costs. To ignore them is like sticking your neck in the sand and welcoming destructive long-term negative consequences. So, come on, get some information. Let’s start the ball rolling.

Becoming aware is half the battle. To discover if you have major stressors in your life impacting you, please select any of these that challenge your well-being:

  • Health issues;

  • Parents;

  • Marriage relationship;

  • Relationship with kids/teens/extended family;

  • Physical demands of young children;

  • Boss;

  • Work;

  • Finances;

  • Anxiety;

  • Pain;

  • Others.

Did you have two or more? Left unchecked they could potentially cost you lots of your hard-earned dollars and more. How? I demonstrate this in my de-frazzle workshops, when I ask participants to total their ‘stress’ costs. Participants add together the total dollar value in a calendar month of the results of stress, such as medical visits, alternative medicines and practitioners. Or late bill payments, speeding fines, shopping sprees, self-help books, chocolate and coffee ‘fixes’. The results astound them (and me too), with total costs equating to hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and every month.*

In a way you just cannot afford or allow stress to cost you for another moment. Not just in money terms. Your relationships, immune function, health, disturbed sleep and peace are all affected. Here are a few ways to find peace in your life:

Take regular time out; do some mindfulness classes (or God-moment spiritual mediation); exercise; dance; talk to a trusted friend; take deep breaths and, above all, slow down.**

In a nutshell, beautiful, it's time to deal with stress!

Believe me, you will feel, look and act better!

In fact, you could become simply amazing as you were designed to be.

Love Peta XO

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*Excerpt from Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle, Finding real peace, freedom & beauty,

Peta Soorkia,2017, Empowering You. see insert above


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