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Who Shot My Ducks?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I like my ducks in a row. My to-do list in order. How about you? Ideas, kids, plans, work, men—like ducks, all tidy and meticulously arranged. According to plan. My plan. Your plan. All good. Just like ducks, right?

Ducklings follow in a nice orderly row behind mamma duck. If they get out of line, they could wander off. So generally, mamma duck keeps to her direction and the little baby ducklings get back into line behind her. That’s how we like things don’t we girls? All sorted, nice and neat. Following us and our way.

Mmmm! Unfortunately, sometimes people or God muck up our plans, sending us into panic mode. Perhaps a family member gets sick when you had scheduled the gym or hairdresser. Instead you find yourself holding flowers in the hospital wondering how to get back on track. Or the kids kick a football into next door’s yard via the now-shattered window and neighbourly relationship. Or your husband invites extra mouths for dinner and didn’t mention it and they’re in your house whilst you endeavour to feed the hungry hordes from a couple of pieces of chicken.

Did God shoot our ducks? Allowing things to go pear-shaped to get our attention? In order for His perfect will to happen? If we keep holding the reins—all arranged just so—perhaps we are not allowing God’s design. His plan might be different. It could mean talking with the mother whose husband just left. Or spending time with your friend who has been made jobless. Or reaching out to your new neighbour. Instead, we stay in our perfect orderly line-up of things to do, and His hands are tied because we are firmly and many times, unhappily in control.

Let’s allow Him be the One to decide where our ducks should be placed and whether or not they’re standing, resting, or upside down! I promise you, His order is the only way that things will work out right and will get you to where you need to be. Oh, and in His timing too.

So, give up the perfect ordering of your ducks. I am trying to. Or better still let’s shoot them!

Because, He is working everything out for our good for

His perfect purpose and plan (Romans 8:28).

From one duck lover to another!


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