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Why Friends? Make My Day!

'Make my day' was a line from the Dirty Harry series starring Clint Eastwood, referring to him being happy to shoot people if they kept re-offending. However, I am using it today in a positive sense, about making the day better for a friend.

Let me begin by telling you that I recently received a surprise (and beautiful) message from a friend which reads:

‘I have a wonderful friend Peta, on the other side of the country and although it’s very difficult to keep in touch, somehow we manage – mostly by her fierce loyalty and sheer determination – to book something in twice a year. To some, it may not see much of a friendship, but to me it’s a tiny sparkle of light in the orbit of my universe and I savour the moment long after she is out of sight.’

Oh goodness, I needed that right at the time it arrived. I think my friend must have heard a little whisper from above and sent her message to bless me and it certainly did. Have you ever had a little whisper in your spirit about someone and you get a feeling maybe to contact them? I do and I may send up a prayer or send a text. Some weeks ago, in another blog, I was mentioning Mandisa who spoke about the friends who supported her when she was in a deep depression, which helped her step out to get help. In that same interview Alex Sealey, one of her friends, said how she had heard a little whisper but didn’t act on it and sincerely regretted it. I don’t want to regret not being there for my friends if I hear a whisper. What about you? Does God need a clanging bell or telephone to get your attention. Believe me, this is all of us at times.

We get busy. Life’s hard and we have too many things to do but perhaps all of us could follow up on those gentle whispers from God. God has the big picture in mind and He has positioned us as a special cog in the wheel of life, church, community and in our family to bring encouragement to fill a need.

My day was so blessed by my friend’s message. Is there someone today that you can bless? Is your antenna up? Are we listening? Or are we too busy about our day. We can get caught up in our to do lists. It's a challenge for all of us, to make someone’s day, to encourage a friend, to be a friend and expect nothing in return.

My friend, with her message to me, acted on her little thought and it came just at the right time for me. It made my day. This is just like the heart of Jesus.

Is God speaking to you right now about someone? Go on, make their day!


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