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Why Friends?

Jesus, Our Best Friend.

The Bible talks about friendship and the most notable and probably memorable is in John 15 where Jesus talks about being friends with the disciples (and in fact all of us) and this is shown by him laying down his life for them and for us! How blessed are we? In Proverbs 18: 24 NKJV, the Bible tells us that to be a friend, we must show ourselves friendly. Then in Proverbs 17:17 ‘A friend loves at all times’. In James 2, we learn that Abraham was called 'the friend of God’ and that friends help their friends become sharper in Proverbs 27:17.

I am challenged by these but also so blessed that friends are important to God so I recognise that they should be important to me too. So for all of us, I think the most important friendship, is our friendship with our Creator. I believe that the Bible tells us that He is our very Best Friend. Then I think for us, it can be an overflowing from this God-friendship to the other friendships in our lives.

I watched a Youtube video of Mandisa, the Christian singer, talking about her long three-year depression–such a moving story.[1] She talks about how her friends were key in helping her take the first steps to getting help, by their love, concern and determination. This became the turning point for her to go to counselling, beginning her healing journey. She sings about this time in many of her songs.

I am fascinated by the role of friends in our lives so I am going to do some research on the role of friendship and our well-being. What do you think it might be? I am expecting to find hormonal changes as we bond with our friends, a bit like when we bond with our children , our spouse and significant others.

So stay tuned as we delve into this topic for a little bit of time, on radio and in my Daily Gems & Amen texts and of course here in my blogs, so strap yourself in and let’s go together friends.


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