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Is Heaven Real?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Bible has more than 700 references to Heaven so it's a hot topic biblically. I'm getting closer to heaven as I'm aging, as we all are so perhaps we should be thinking about it. Also in my 20s I almost died and right now, very sadly a close friend has just passed away and unfortunately another friend has a terminal condition, so it is a subject that I’m thinking about and is weighing on my mind. There are people that say we’re close to the end times and they certainly give some compelling arguments that could be indications that we are moving towards that. If you listen to those that study this topic and know it inside out, you may want to watch this:

What do you think?

Some years ago a young friend of mine, in her early 30s, died of breast cancer, leaving a husband and two young children. The night before her funeral I dreamt of her in heaven with a particular hairstyle and clothing. When I rang her husband to encourage him before the funeral, he had also dreamt about her with the same clothing and hairstyle and location—a green field. So interesting isn’t it? That gave me a lot of peace and of course her husband also. As Christians, we have this wonderful hope that the pain and struggle in this lifetime is for a finite time and one day we are going to be in a better place.

The Bible has more than 700 references to Heaven so it's a hot topic biblically. I've got some verses for you below * and here is a summary of theGod made this place called heaven quite early in creation, on the second day actually, before the land, so it’s important in terms of priority. The Bible also affirms for us that Heaven is an eternal place where things don’t die and there is no evil. There’s no pain or sorrow, with mansions for each of us. We won’t need a light because all the light comes from Him and Jesus went there to prepare a place for us when He ascended into Heaven, after resurrecting from the cross. And from this place called Heaven, God looks and watches all of us.

One part of me can’t wait for pain and suffering, wars and inequalities to end and demonic pressures to finally be dealt with and not be ever challenging us. But another part of me wants to stay here as long as possible (I’m aiming at 100 years old) to take as many people with me as I can.