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Help For Relationships

Are you stressed about your relationship? You can get some great strategies in my newest online group coaching sessions. You can start anytime.

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We are all born very different and thank goodness that God made us unique, otherwise we would all be the same and how boring would that be? To add to our individuality, we also come from different families of origin, each with different rules, values and on the downside — issues and problems impacting our development. The first 12 years really set up the brain for the rest of your life. How we dealt with things, particularly in the first couple of years, to get through any childhood difficulties or even trauma, may not be so useful in life or in our dealings with others as adults. Some of our reactions formed in childhood can become problematic because they are largely unconscious and we may not realise consciously how these reactivities impact others in our world.

In relationships, we tend to exhibit our best and our worst personalities. When meeting new people or in public arenas, we might have a persona that we want people to see; however, once we are in our comfort zone in our family settings or when we marry, we tend to relax and be who we really are —the good bad and the ugly. This is when our relationships can get tricky.

Over the next little while, I am going to delve into all the different ways of improving relationships – most of us need a bit of help sometime or other. I’ll be talking about these issues on radio so you might like to tune into Ross on 96three at 10.30am Thursdays AEST

or you can also hear me occasionally speaking with Neil Johnson on the 20twenty program

on Vision Christian Radio.

I’ll be looking at divorce predictors and how to negate those activities in marriage. How to communicate effectively to say what you want to without causing relational problems, be understood and heard as well as doing the same for others. Another area to improve your communication skills is empathic and reflective listening and I will cover your topics too so feel free to respond here or email me at

In the meantime, if your relationship is causing you stress, there’s something you can do right now to turn things around in conversations where you might lose it. Before you answer any comment that causes you distress, it’s imperative you slow the release of the stress hormones that begin to rage in your body, causing fight or flight. You don’t want to regret any words spoken in anger. So, take some very slow deep diaphragmatic breaths (also known as 'belly breathing') to bring some blood back into the front part of your brain to think more calmly and logically.

I’m looking forward to this new topic and welcome your questions, thoughts and interaction.

God bless

Love Peta

Listen to more-96three FM, 10.30 am Thursdays.

Or Vision radio 20twenty with Neil Johnson

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