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Heaven-What will we do?

I love my life and I love what I do. As a Christian therapeutic life coach, I walk with people on their journey and assist them when they get stuck. It’s fabulous to see people finding freedom because of our journey and I’m so grateful to God for positioning me in this amazing place with His precious kids.

Do you love your life now? And are you doing what you’ve been called to do at this time and in this place? God has us all on a journey from life to death to life eternal. He’s preparing us for the next life we will live and that is life in heaven. The Bible talks about that and although the book of Revelation can be difficult to interpret, there are some things that are quite clear to understand (even those of us who find this book a bit of a challenge).

But long before that book was written, the prophet Isaiah, through revelation from the Lord, talked about Heaven. In chapter 65, His Word tells us that God will create a new heaven and a new earth. In that place we will be glad and rejoice for ever and there will be no crying or weeping. Sounds pretty good to me! It also mentions that we will build and live in houses, plant and eat the fruit and enjoy the work of our hands. What does this mean? Well, perhaps it means we shall do work in heaven. I wonder if what we’re doing on this earth is in preparation for that time. What do you think?

Back to our preparation time here: What has God called you to do in this life? Are you finding your way, your direction? Yes, I agree it’s tough at times, isn’t it? The enemy of our soul wants to stop us going forward at every turn. But as we push through and persevere, we are getting stronger and more experienced, for that wonderful life to come.

In Revelation 19, we are told there will be a party as we, part of the great multitude, worship the Lord on