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Blog Bit--Change IS Hard!

We humans like to do things the way we’ve always done them; however, it’s a fact of life that everything changes constantly—people, seasons, the environment, relationships and more. Whilst processing some are simple, others might pose somewhat of a challenge. The reason for this, is because of brain wiring, established over time, creating neural pathways, forming habits. Each time we repeat a habit, it’s like we're going down the track that is the familiar rut in the road; comfortable but maybe also problematic.

This is the same in life challenges, we may respond how we always have, even if our response does not serve us well. Consider for example the battered spouse who can’t leave because of fear of the unknown, or the dieter who still reaches for the crisps and soft drink during coffee breaks or the hoarder who knows they'll never re-read all the newspapers in the spare room but saves them nonetheless. So how do we change habits that are not good for us?

It may take the help of a therapist or minister, prayer and determination but it will take uncomfortable effort and much repetition.

Think about that habit that you want to change. Consider taking some small starter steps. Expect this to be somewhat stressful and make sure that you are easy on yourself if you slip up. But, get back up! Get some support from those who will encourage you to keep going, no matter what.

And go on, just start!

Love Peta

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