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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

A lesson learnt painfully.

It must have been a funny sight. Me lying on the footpath looking up at the sky, saying, “Jesus help me”. A kindly, concerned man came out from his garden to see if I needed help. My response to him was “I’m not sure”. “Well I’m just here if you need anything” he replied.

Six weeks to the day I had just fractured another few ribs on the other side of my body to the last time, after sustaining a fall. Why God? Why!?

It’s two weeks before Christmas and I’m searching for a new rental whilst we navigate a new build. Family are arriving from interstate to stay over Christmas. I’m packing to move and I’ve got a new workshop to write! Why God? Why?

Talking to as many women as I do, I often hear a similar response to their life troubles.

We think if we do the right thing, keep our heads down and keep out of trouble, God or the devil won’t bother us. But life happens and just when things are looking bright, the washing machine blows up, one of our kids gets into trouble at school, our workmate gives us problems, our husband seems distant or money seems to fly out the window. We wonder what we did to deserve all of this.

Why do things happen and why is life sometimes so very tough? And how do you and I cope? I have figured out that we can respond in two ways, both pretty useful I believe.