Where Is Your Headspace?

Updated: Aug 9

Make no mistake, there's a battle going on for your headspace. Ephesians chapter 6 tells us we are not fighting against people but against powers and rulers in the unseen world. Thoughts and ideas that are in your head, have a source. We could be thinking thoughts from our heavenly Father by the Holy Spirit, who lives inside us. We would know it’s from Him if (and only if), those thoughts line up with the Word of God and there is a peace that comes with it. Or, we could be thinking our own fleshly ideas (that don’t line up), that come from negative thoughts sent by an enemy who wants to bring us down. Is it 'stinking thinking' you’re thinking? If so, maybe it’s not God or even you but the enemy.

You and I have a choice with our thinking. We can choose to receive any of them and take them on board, which then becomes a biological brain structure; physically imprinted and reinforced, every time your thoughts go there. Scary isn’t it? You and I can choose to think God’s Word to counteract 'stinking thinking', to start building healthy, godly brain structures that inspire, empower, encourage and refresh you to live peace filled, happy and free.