What women wished guys knew

Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Yep! Our brains are not the same which means we process, feel, perceive and communicate quite differently. In terms of the biology, men’s brains are larger than women’s, but women’s brains have more firing between the two hemispheres. What this actually means is that there’s more going on in a woman’s brain. When a guy says he’s not thinking about anything it’s true girls. Even though this is almost an impossibility for most females – for me and countless other women I’ve spoken with.

So listen up guys. And girls too! You might learn some things here to help you if you are thinking about marriage or want to understand women. This stuff my husband and I had no idea about when we walk down that romantic aisle, and it took us a long time before we knew and accepted some things as being true for most people and particularly for us.

I suggest we all need to learn some basics to improve the potential for a happy