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Unstuck & Empowered

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I know from experience that stress is our peace stealer. Around 15 years ago, while working as a pastor on staff, I learnt the hard way that stress can lead to burnout. It was debilitating and extreme. Prior to this, even as a teen, stress was an issue when I suffered (what was then termed a nervous breakdown), ending up in hospital for a month. To be blunt, stress kills.

You might be surprised what stress is. We blame our circumstances but it’s not the situations or people that are pushing you to the edge of (seeming) insanity. No. Stress is actually what’s going on inside you and me. Stress is about what we think or feel about our circumstances. You could be concerned about: your health issues, elderly parents, controlling spouses, the prodigal teens, the baby crying and not settling, a workaholic boss expecting the same from you, your home environment, busyness or boredom, sleep problems or exhaustion. Any of these will push your limits but it is how you feel about these circumstances that are causing your stress.

When I went through burnout, as mentioned, when working in my local church, I virtually lived a blur on my couch, needing a miracle. Sleep was elusive, relationships strained and I was living out my life by rote. I now know that living life stressed is like driving a car with the brakes on—you are not going anywhere (but the insides are working hard!). This causes wear and tear to the body as the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are ramped up, putting incredible strain on it. Your immune function and therefore your susceptibility to illness is compromised.

You need to have a brain spa. Yes! Time to relax your poor mind that has been working overtime for too long. You need some peace. In fact a large dollop of peace!

I have developed a biblical meditation technique that I call 'God Moments' and more recently the BSB of your peace account. Rather than the BSB of your bank account, this one adds restoration and refreshment to your life. I practice it and teach everyone who is breathing in my vicinity, how to do this, because it impacts everything for the better. I call it stressless meditation and it’s one of the units in my new video course— Unstuck & Empowered. It’s a technique or a method that is completely biblical and because we carry God with us, we can take this method or strategy everywhere we go.

Psychology talks and teaches mindfulness, which in itself is not a bad strategy or intervention to discourage stress and encourage more peace in our lives. It can be a problem; however, as often eastern mysticism is included in this practice, so watch out for those little foxes. Even the word meditation has eastern connotations. But you and I know as Christians that the word meditation is a biblical term and means to: think about, ponder and imagine God— His ways and His Word.

Perhaps you need some peace, so determine to put a new habit in place. Perhaps you need to change from constant overthinking or ruminating and worrying. To taking a moment with God. To just stop. Breathe. Give your cares to Him. And just be in His stillness. Do this repeatedly for a short time, regularly during your days and watch things change dramatically. Jesus often went to be alone with His Father: to pray, be refreshed and rejuvenated, to enable Him to continue His ministry for the future of the world.

If Jesus had to stop often, what makes us think we don’t have to?

Love and Hugs,


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