Updated: Aug 19

Once the honeymoon was over, things began to change. I persistently thought I was helping our marriage by telling hubby what he needed to do, to make things better. I couldn’t understand why he rejected this as being controlling and disrespectful. I then felt unloved. Most women recognise communication to be the area that needs the most improvement, whereas a lot of men think it's all okay. When they receive helpful advice, they hear words like ‘failure' or ‘no good’. Every man marries a woman who admires him and when we stop doing that, something in him checks out. Ephesians Chapter 5 tells 'wives to respect their husbands' as this gives him confidence that he can take on the world because he feels appreciated.

So wife, what can you do? Think about what he does that you can appreciate. It may be small but that’s good to start there. It can do a great deal to build him up. Tell him what you’re proud of, tell him he can do it. Little steps like this, as you believe in him, can take you a great distance.