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NEW SERIES! Hid In A Gender

Male/ Female Differences

I love the title 'Hid In Agenda' that Ruth came up with... It’s very clever because often we do have hidden agendas when we're dealing with the opposite sex as we are so vastly different and we definitely want our agenda! So congratulations to Ruth who is receiving a gift from me—one of my books. So, go girl, you nailed it! A special mention also goes out to Doug with his suggestion of - '1 oh 1!' I like that because sometimes it is 'oh my goodness! What's going on here?'

So, where are we going with this topic? Well friends, there's a lot to discuss when you think about how men and women relate to one another—to the world and to others. And then of course there is the topic of hormones, physiological differences and brain differences. So strap yourself in and stay tuned for this huge series, because we might just stay here for a while and if you miss some of the sessions, you can go to my website: or to catch up with the podcasts.

We are going to start with some science as I’ve become a bit of a science nerd with all this study that I’ve laboured through in the past few years. And surprise, surprise, recent research suggests that there are measurable differences between men and women in many different facets.Woo-hoo! Previously science said there’s more similarities than differences. But not now. So where do we differ? We differ in our personality, in our coping mechanisms, in our relationships and one that you would guess — in our sexual ways of relating. Then there’s faith. There is also evidence on how happy or unhappy we are as we cope with each other.

To begin with, after that little scientific intro, I would like to get the ball rolling in a spiritual vein. Male or female, there are some keys for all of us and one of those is imperative when dealing with anyone, let alone the other gender. That is seeking God first! If we are looking at people in our lives who are different to us, whether they are of a different gender, different age or from different socio-economic backgrounds or different cultural backgrounds or whatever the differences are of those we do life with. If we are focusing on how they let us down, we are missing the mark. Instead, I believe, as we place God first in our lives, for our own changes, we will do a lot better with those different people.

Lauren Daigle’s song ‘First’ really speaks about the scripture of seeking God first (Matthew 6:33). And Psalm139:23–24 too, leads us in seeking God to search us, on the inside, to help us walk along the correct pathway.

This first blog and point is: to get healed in our own soul, with God on the journey so we can live in this gender different world. So 'Hid In A Gender,' yes, you and me—we are different and we're meant to be. So let's begin to celebrate and work with God on us, so we can better work with others.


Love and Blessings


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