Marvellous Marriages & Happy Husbands

Updated: Aug 9

I now have a marvellous marriage but it wasn’t always this way. It was better labelled miserable. I was miserable, thinking that I was a wonderful wife but hubby was a hurtful husband. Thanks to God and some effort, our marriage turned around and so can yours. It was hard work and it started with one Me! In your marriage that’s all it takes, one of you doing something different and making changes. Then the ripple effect not only impacts your spouse but also your family, your neighbourhood, then out to your community. Is it worth it you ask? Absolutely!

I recently ran Marvellous Marriages group coaching online for eight wives who are now embracing becoming wonderful wives, to influence their men to be happy husbands. A community has developed with the wives so that interaction, support and accountability are happening as a result. It’s mind blowing what God can do with some willing hearts. And already some of their husbands are noticing the difference.

Here are some of their testimonies:

‘I now see myself as the one that needs to change, not only my husband’ D

‘I am in charge of changing the atmosphere in my relationship. How I treat my husband has a di