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Married to a Fruitloop Peachygirl #2

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Last time, big Bananaman, you got some helpful tips on L—LOVING your Peachygirl like you did once upon a time, years ago. I hope that you cracked it.

This time, we will look at O in our acronym LOVERS to further help you in your quest to be the best Bananaman you can be.

O is about being:

OPEN to her ideas, because as a feeling Peachygirl, she knows a lot more about what’s going on around the place than you do. You are wonderfully focussed on one thing and may I say doing a great job of that. But Peachygirl brains, which are smaller than Bananamen’s, work differently and oh how they use them!

Darting from side to side those brain-juices can spot things that any Bananaman might think is just fiction. No, it isn’t a figment of her imagination. She sees, she knows, she feels intuitively things you don’t suspect. She is designed this way, so that she can help Bananamen in the Garden of Eaten* become a much better place. I hope that you take them on board as she really can complement you Bananaman.

Now the Lord God said,