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'Just One' Too!

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You may remember from my last post, that I was saying that it just takes ‘one’ - person, act or attitude to change the atmosphere, the situation or the relationship. We tend to look at strong achievers in history that have impacted nations but you and I in our smaller, more compact worlds are no less important in the spheres that God puts us in.

To illustrate, I recently started an open water swimming group in Altona, affectionately called the ‘Altona Jellies’. The culture has developed in the six months since starting, to one of generosity, openness, inclusiveness and kindness. We are so far 150 strong in our WhatsApp group and as a result, on any one day, there are coordinated swimmers swimming together for safety, fun and connection.

In this instance, I was ‘just one’ person who wanted to swim with others in my local area rather than driving to Williamstown to join their swimmers’ group or electing to swim locally by myself. Stepping out, I have found others who enjoy all that open water swimming offers. Within the group context I am frank about my faith so that one swimmer has come church and is loving it.

What has God given to you, that is in your hands to give away? Answer some of these questions to find out. What do you love to do or talk about? What are you passionate about so that you could stay up at night thinking about it? Who would you like to tell this to?

So now, what can you do with that gift, that passion or that need?

‘Just one’ person – you - can change a street, a neighbourhood, a suburb, a community, a city or even the world. It just takes one little step, it might take a leap of faith but it definitely involves a trust in God’s giftings to you and in you.

Listen to more of these thoughts as I chat with Andrew on Wednesday 26th June at 10.30 am AEST, Vision Radio.

God bless


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