Just Do It

Updated: Aug 10

It was around the 20-year mark and our marriage was in trouble. We had young kids, I had two jobs and I’d recently gone through burnout and our communication was not good. At the time, my husband was not keen on the idea of a marriage course but I kept running into a couple who were friends of friends and very experienced marriage course trainers in Victoria and Tasmania.

One day at a birthday party they sat opposite us and encouraged us to do one of their courses. I told them that we were both so busy it was very unlikely that would happen. We eventually did one of their courses which was great and helped us a lot—it’s beneficial to find out how our other half thinks (more on that next time). However, at that time, faced with little communication or hope, I asked them from their wealth of experience in their own marriage and hundreds of others, what the one thing they would recommend as key for a couple to stay together. It took only a moment and the wife told us the importance of ‘a weekly date’.

I wondered how on earth with our busy schedule and with young kids at home, how that would be possible. The advice they gave us, which we eventually put in place, was pro