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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

A woman walked by the river. She used to play here as a child on the old see-saw with her father, who also played here once. His grandfather had made the see-saw from local wood. Once, a long time ago, a fruit tree stood here but that has long since gone, discarded by the developers. Land was sold up as lots because there is such a wonderful view of the river, the trees and the sky.

As she walked, she thought about her father, who made a lot of money some years ago. May he rest in peace. Unfortunately, he wasn’t around in the later years when she needed a dad. He was making money and mum was left to fend for herself. It affected the young growing adolescent woman so emotionally that even now she feels the emotional yearning and longing. She remembers her sad reactions at the time as she had looked for companionship with the wrong sorts of young men.

The woman mused about her life since then. She remembered her increasing difficulty in relationships with her father (when he was around) and the many boyfriends who came and went as she discarded each one before they had a chance to abandon her.

Thankfully, one momentous day, she met a different man: the Man above, with the name above all names, Jesus. The Man of her dreams to fill her longing. And He brought her a faithful husband, then children, a life and a ministry. What a Man! And what a woman she now was.

Reflecting on her life now and then, whilst gazing across the river and its glorious views, she stands almost where the old fruit tree once was.

A woman made in God’s image to sow seeds, like the other seeds sewn here in this spot by the fruit tree from long ago. But her seeds are of the spiritual variety. And sown by a woman.

Like her, and you too, dig deep into the soil of God’s expansive grace*, to draw from the endless supply of the well, Christ, bearing His fruit. Life, love and freedom.

I am … you are …

A woman!

Love Peta XO

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*See Psalm 1:3

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