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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I need to make sure I look after myself as it’s easy to forget me in the busyness of caring for others. Sound familiar? Hubby is great to download to but there’s something about girl chat. Agree? I have some girlfriends I can spill all to—some I don’t see often. But when we do, it’s just like yesterday and we can catch up then get to the heart of issues quickly. It’s incredible to have those girls in my life.

How about you? Who do you have that listens attentively, unreservedly and doesn’t judge? With special people like this, it can feel like a blending of hearts.

For those of us who know the Lord we can get real with Him, in a more intimate way than any flesh and blood person. But I believe that each of us also needs a range of people on the planet that God can use to help us feel supported and cared for.

Why not make a list of people who love and care for you in the different areas of your life? Are there any gaps? Have you been proactive about those on your list with a phone call, encouraging text, invite to a girls’ night out or a coffee and chat? While you are at it, consider if there needs to be other people that might speak into your life at some point too. A pastor, a counsellor, coach or other.

It’s time to care for not only others, but you too girlfriend!

Just maybe this is a timely reminder for us all (me too) to have a nice heart-to-heart with someone who cares.


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