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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

How you and I see things is relative to us and our perception.

Hubby and I engaged a new firm to do a large project for us. We knew and trusted the owners but after one year of hold-ups, we decided to amicably part ways. We had paid a substantial deposit which we expected back because we had not received anything tangible. However, the company felt that they had expended many hours on the project with that money payable, even though we had paid for cumulative hours along the way!

Who is right here? Depends. There’s some truth to both sides of the coin. The perspective is dependent on where you stand. Consider a road accident with four people who witness the event from four different locations, four different world views, four different perceptions. All descriptions might be different.

In our case, to protect the relationship, we felt to give them that sum of money, even though we believed it to be ours.

In any communication, relationship, situation, the key is to understand that there are limitations and strengths to your point of view. Perhaps you are currently in disagreement with someone. Are you able to stand in their shoes for a moment? The neighbour with the overhanging tree. The relative who spoke unkindly about you to others. The elderly person who repeatedly complains of people from other cultures because of fear of the unknown. When you and I have a different viewpoint to someone, seek God to find His view to correct your perception, because whether you know it or not yours is coloured by your childhood, culture, gender and life experiences.

‘For there is no partiality with God.’ Romans 2:11NKJ

Our truth is flawed, with the only real truth God’s, because His view is much higher, wider and bigger. Plus He knows the end of the story.

So for your situation, be obedient to God’s leading because even when it hurts, He will work it out for your good (Romans 8:28). It hurt for hubby and I to give away a large sum of money when we really needed it, but God will bring our increase.

See your worldview change and become bigger as you begin to see a new view and who knows, others may begin to see yours.

Love Peta XO

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