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Updated: Aug 19, 2021


When you’re feeling bad about yourself, do you find a reason to excuse your actions? Do you point the finger at someone else? Easy to do isn’t it? I think this trait runs in my family tree, perhaps in yours too. In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I would both point the finger. We now tell each other when we see accusation occurring in the other. When we accuse we actually feel guilty and it’s easier not to address our own guilt, instead shifting it somewhere else. Little kids do this, perhaps it’s time to grow up.

The Bible talks about this when we are pointing out the speck in our brother's eye and all the time we have this huge log that we keep tripping over in our own (See Matthew 7:5). Everyone else can see it, except us. I’m reminded of when God asked Adam about eating the forbidden fruit and he accused God and the woman. The woman You gave me God. (Genesis 13: 12) How’s that blaming God for their misfortune? Do you blame others when you feel guilty? Recognising your own guilt and shame, repenting to God and forgiving yourself is the cure.

It happens everywhere this accusation. Have a look at any political debate, the recent US election, whichever side, a lot of finger-pointing there. It’s in our Aussie culture today too. Goes back to the Eureka Stockade and the unions fighting against oppression and authority. ‘It’s their fault, they’re wrong.'

Let’s do what the Lord says and look at ourselves first, then repent for any wrongs. Receive forgiveness into your heart and spirit, forgive yourself, forgive others and start the brain change in you to see things improve in your heart and your relationships too.

Peta XO

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