Dress To Show Your Inner Beauty

Updated: Aug 19

I’m writing this for the clothing clueless! Hopefully I will answer some of your how-to-dress problems in this blog and should you want more, then listen to me on Thursday mornings at 8.30 on 96threeFM for the month of May as I will be unpacking more. In addition to listening, in my book Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle, I go into some detail about how you can dress to look your very best every single day.

I wonder what is your dress-sense problem? Perhaps you look at your wardrobe and wonder what you can do to make yourself look and feel fantastic. Nothing jumps out at you. Or maybe you’ve put on a little extra here and there as a result of lock down and the fridge being oh so close. Maybe your budget is spent on the kids before you get to thinking about you and what you will wear. No matter what, you can still look amazing with who you are today and with whatever funds you have available. You just need some information.