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Christmas Hope

Are you struggling this Christmas? Many people are, so take heart there is a way through it. By giving hope to others who might be struggling, your own hope increases. The psychological science around this is that endorphins are produced when we give or receive, helping us to feel good about things. What an incredible God transaction this is! Gifts around Christmas time can be bought, made or given from our hearts, such as a smile, a call or some help. And these can make a huge difference to others but also to us.

My hope is that the song I wrote about Heaven brings hope to you. You may like to listen to how the music came together for the song ‘Seven in Heaven’ and God worked supernaturally to bring everything together. I am amazed how His plan worked seamlessly and we can learn that that's how He works for the future when things look dim. His ways are always the best.

Hear about the natural and supernatural planning phases and Part 2 of the interview that Ross from 96threeFM had with Nathan Plumridge, Peta Soorkia (Empowered Music) & Dave Crowe (DaveCroweMusic)

If you download this song, available right now from Bandcamp you can donate any amount you would like or pay the one-dollar standard fee with up to 90% going to the artists (in this case the charity) as compared with 5-17% from other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

All proceeds earned by Empowered Music will be directed towards trying to find an answer to Indigenous suicide by supporting the charity the National Suicide Prevention And Trauma Recovery Project (NSPTRP). This is a national tragedy with kids as young as 8,9,10 attempting suicide. You and I can make a difference.

I wonder what you need in your life to build hope this Christmas? It could be a difficult time for you. Maybe you could begin by asking God for His plan and pray into that. I have found that when I work around His beautiful future for me, I begin to want it as much as He does. I guess, as our Heavenly Dad, that gives Him great joy.

God has got a lot to say about hope but particularly in this season when we celebrate the hope of Heaven, the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ who came as