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Are You Anxious? The Person Inside

One time, after a speaking engagement in country Victoria, a woman came up to me and spoke some very interesting words that have stayed with me. She said this: ‘inside of me is another woman about your size and shape and she’s going to get out one day and then look out world!’ I joined her in laughter. 'How will you get her out?’ I asked (always the coach). As she grinned at me, she didn’t answer so I guessed she didn’t have a concrete plan. This chat made me think how we can be two people in one, trying to be one thing or another, with the outer person doing life as per usual, just the same way. The key issue is that if we keep on doing the same things, we’ll get the same results.

Who is your inner real person wanting to be set free? Is it a self-confident Christ follower, striding forward into your destiny and the future God has prepared for you? Or perhaps it is a thinner version of you, being careful about your food intake and participating in regular exercise? Or maybe it is a person who eats a balanced proportion of food rather than binging and purging afterwards? Anxiety is something that layers up on top of the inside person just like layers of fat. Days, weeks, months and even years of filling up on the wrong things whether in food, thoughts, or actions do that, they pile up and live on the outside.

God knows your inner person. He destined the real you to achieve great things! A step towards this future is to recognise God’s plan for you and to begin to live it – that’s hope mixed with a bit of trust that He’s got it covered, to build your faith. Remember the equation from a previous blog that is:

hope + trust = faith?

So now is the time to get started with getting the real you out. You can speak out your new faith-filled truth right now.

Get lost fear!

Be gone once and for all, discord!

No more emotional pain, depression, sleepless nights, hopelessness or whatever is holding you back. You can get free from all that entangles you.

Ephesians: 3:20 AMP says it like this:

‘Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us.’

This Word, I believe, could be telling you today that His power inside of you can bring the person on the inside to the outside. You can do this you know, whatever is holding you back can be addressed, working alongside His supernatural Holy Spirit, who is living inside of you. Yes, it’s true that we need to pray, hope and dream but ultimately, God is our strength, our power, and our ability. He becomes your ability.

If you get this, really get this, then nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Love and Blessings


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