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Dance away the calories & the blues

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Happy New Year! I wonder if your new year resolution is to get fit or shed a few of those calories?

Remember my rib fractures? A few weeks and I’m still in pain, but hey, I’m dancing (gently Bentley), producing feel-good hormones that are natural pain relievers, anti-depressants, and…… helping me stay away from the fridge!!

The Christmas and New Year season generally means too…… much food, I put on a kilo in just minutes of sweet delights (fruit crumble, cheesecake, fruit cake, trifle, shortbread, healthy fruit balls). Mmm, no wonder you say.

What to do?

Exercise and stop the excess food intake, that’s what. Walking and that fun exercise that I’ve spoken about before, dancing!

If you think historically, most different cultures and eras had some form of dance—from Latin, to the Waltz to indigenous to Victorian era correctness to King David of the Bible. Dancing. It’s what we do to physically express ourselves. Thankfully God gives us a body to move (gently Bentley though if, like me, you’re the walking wounded).

If you love dancing, it doesn’t really matter how you look, just how you feel when you let go. (Check out my 89-year-young mother dancing to Christmas carols on the TV.) You can dance in the garden or the kitchen, but please keep it gentle and simple if you’re unfit or wounded—check with your health professional if you’re not too sure.

Aside from the exercise, I’ve got a theory about dancing. If we danced a bit more, we might argue a bit less because we’d feel better about ourselves.

So, dance girl dance, move your boogie, enjoy some moments to your favourite songs.

Try it!

Love Peta XO

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