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Let’s DANCE!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I have lived with chronic pain for much of my life, unfortunately, after a serious car accident in my early 20s affecting my head, neck and shoulders. At times it has been debilitating but by swimming, de-stress and positive thoughts I have lived my life quite well with God’s help. I have now discovered something else!!! Dance!! Yes, I know I must look ridiculous but hey, who cares. I love it, in my dressing gown early morning, jigging around with my ear-thingy pods, or whatever they’re called, to my favourite music. The funny thing is that research backs this up as one of the best exercises you can do for the whole body-mind connection. So, knowing I’m doing something worthwhile, I keep dancing.

Why should you do it, you’re thinking to yourself perhaps? Well it’s known to help feel-good hormones to combat anxiety and depression but that’s not all! It helps with weight loss. (Now do I have your attention?) It also is a natural pain reliever. (You get my drift now maybe.) That is as long as you go gently if you have any physical health conditions. If others think you’re funny now, imagine how you’ll appear if you start jigging around the house!!

Our bodies are created to move, we need exercise to feel better about ourselves and there’s nothing like wonderful music to soothe away the blues.

You and I can dance along together in our morning silence. I’m doing it at around 6-7am for about 20-30 minutes, but I recommend that you start for 5-10 minutes at first, so that you don’t break a leg or anything dramatic. My physio okayed me to do it with my particular health conditions as I showed her my steps. She laughingly said this was a first!

Imagine your world getting better. Trust me, it’s wonderful. You can be as free and ridiculous as you want.

Pain, depression, worry, on your head!!

Let’s dance.

Then David danced before the Lord with all his might… 2 Samuel 6:14a NKJV

Love Peta XO

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