Married to a Fruitloop Peachygirl #4.

Updated: Aug 19

Last blog for our strong Bananamen out there. Using the acronym, LOVERS to help you big-fruit:

R is for how you RESPOND to your Peachygirl and God.

Firstly, respond to her with patient grace and always gently. Her heart is bruised quickly. A soft, tender response is needed when she is annoying or disrespectful because she just does NOT understand this part of your fruity nature. And when her chatter is frustrating, or when she seems to be having a go at you and complaining, she is just downloading and getting things off her chest. This helps her let off steam. Responding by understanding is very useful here by paraphrasing what she has said. She’ll decide you are her best friend in the entire Gardenofeaten if you can crack this skill instead of allowing your frustration to erupt in anger.