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Married to a Fruitloop Peachygirl #3

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Let’s continue with the L.O.V.E.R.S. acronym where we left off.

V is for very, VERY slow. Bananaman, you love your Peachygirl and you show it by connecting with her in a physical way … BUT … GO SLOW! She doesn’t need her Bananaman peeling of his skin then jumping into the cabbage patch when she just walks by! My advice is don’t jump but give her lots of any, or all, of the following … OFTEN:

  • massaging with oil (Your Peach might like lavender or another perfumed lotion?);

  • rubbing her feet, hands, head, or other non-erogenous zone;

  • dinners out or cooking a meal for the family;

  • doing the dishes AND wiping up;

  • putting the kids to bed;

etc etc etc.

There are a lot of ectaras—many ways in which you can fill your particular Peachygirl’s love-punchbowl. But I do get it, from your point of view, it is probably very annoying for you! You just look at that cute little Peach and you’re ready (you macho-Bananaman-you!).

However your Peachygirl is not made like you. Her romantic juices need lots of attention and polishing for her to connect in that way, so take the time and I promise, she will meet you there all primed and ready to go.

E is for EYE contact. Give her this whilst you listen up to her ideas. She may (you think) be rambling along, changing direction mid-sentence, or talking at inappropriate times, like whilst you are doing your tax, or any other (for you) totally random time or unavailable time spot. If you do gaze at your Peach and do what are called minimal encouragers in psychological or counselling rooms world-wide, she’ll love you for it. Just so you know, these involve grunts, nods, mmm….’s and any other noise or fruity body parts moving (non-verbal actions), to let her know she’s heard, known, understood and loved. Give your Peachygirl some nice expressions in those EYES with the grunts and nods and believe me she’ll be perpetually yours and totally in love with you Bananaman.

Next time we will finish off Bananaman with R and S, so look out for these. They are tricky, but hey you can do all things through Christ, right? (Philippians 4:13)

Love Peta XO

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