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Married to a Fruitloop Peachygirl #1

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Now it’s your turn Bananaman.

You are a good loving man who wants to do the best by his Peachygirl, but it seems so complicated and it certainly doesn’t make any sense to a sensible, logical Bananaman. Therefore, don’t try to make sense out of it, just accept that your Peachygirl is not an aberration from the human race. No! She’s like every other Bananaman’s wife with all those feeelllliiiinnnnggggssss! She really needs for you two to be LOVERS.

Now her definition of that is not the horizontal variety, but to her it means to be in sync with you heart-wise. Always. Today, tomorrow and next week. Her one desire is to have an ongoing romance with you. She has always dreamt of this, you know. It’s how she is made.

Know that you can get a lot of brownie points with your Peachygirl if you do some simple things that will make her feeelllll loved. Ahhh, I’m feeling the love already!

Let’s start with L first from this acronym, LOVERS:

L is for loving. Daah!

To your Peachygirl this means cherishing her. In Peachygirl language, offerings that tell her that to you, she is really special. It could be in the form or flowers; or of course chocolates; or just-the-two-of-you dates; some good quality time; listening; holding hands—I’m sure you get the drift. The sort of stuff you did before you had the Fruitloop-wedding-day. It’s about making her feel like your Peachybride even when she loses it a bit (every other day or month or whenever it happens), or has stretch marks (carrying your little Lemonades remember), or grey hairs, and then to top it all, when gravity happens too! Even thenshe needs to know that to you, her one-and-only Bananaman, she is still very desirable!

Ephesians 5:25AMP says it this way big guy:

“Husbands, love your wives [seek the highest good for her and surround her with a caring, unselfish love], just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her“.

Easier to read than to do, admittedly, but I do rest my case there! I think that’s a good start. Try that for a week or two and you’ll thank me.

Promise, I’m a Peachygirl myself.

More next time, Bananaman. Practice L first and see the improvement.

(If you need to download to a this Peachygirl (me) who’s been married a while, feel free to inbox me—I’ll get my Bananaman to take a look at it, so you’ll hopefully get some feedback that is well rounded and unbiased).

Love Peta XO

Love and Hugs,


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