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Married to a Fruitloop, Bananaman #3

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Last week we began with your Fruitloopland backpack kit to survive living in this crazy space. R is for respect him; E is for tough exterior, (but soft and gooey inside) and S is for sex in Fruitloopland.*

Allow me to unpack the rest:

P—for peace. Bananamen need a quiet and ordered home front, so he may go somewhere to be alone (could be the shed or TV or computer) to recharge. My advice? Leave him alone—he’s just re-grouping in his private cave--it’s not personal.

E—for external appearance. It’s important to him that his particular Peachygirl looks after herself and tries to look nice. I know, most of us have lost the first peach-glow but washing and polishing the fruit is a good idea, so pay attention to what you’ve got and make the most of it, Peachygirl.

C—for conquering captain. Bananamen need to be the provider, even if Peachygirls make lots of dough. Appreciate him (and tell him) for what he does to provide or tries to provide. As captains they also need to win wars, like finding their way without asking. They don’t want you to go checking Frootlemaps or offering your help. Just let them conquer and find their way.

T—for talk, ha ha. Bananamen like short and sweet, whereas most Peachygirls give way too much information. Bananaman’s eyes glaze over when you and I go on tooooo ... long. So delete, use dot points and be succinct. You won’t lose him then.

Oh, and when Bananamen are angry, t