Married to a Fruitloop Bananaman #1

Updated: Aug 19

Someone said living in Fruitloopland (marriage) is purely psychological—one is logical, the other is psycho. Ha Ha!

I tried all the wrong ways to live with my Bananaman, in Fruitloopland. For the first 20 years it was sometimes good but often terrible. So after 33 years (24th this month) hopefully I’ve got some things sorted which I would like to share.

Listen up and please let me know if I’m hitting the mark and if you have any tricks up your sleeve you can add.

Important points to remember:

#1. After God, Bananaman has to be next on your priority list, even though a zillion other important Fruitloop things and those little darling Lemons cry for attention at all times. If he's not #1, then there WILL be problems!