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Problems in Fruitloopland #1.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

A Bananaman from Bananarama met and fell in love with a Peachygirl from Orchardville. They thought they would live happily ever after in Fruitloopland with their future little lemonkids.

However, all was not well.

Bananaman liked to be strong and silent whilst Peachygirl needed to sort and talk through the issues facing their home in Fruitloopland to make good decisions. The Bananaman knew that talking wouldn’t fix the little lemonkids as the home he grew up in Bananarama didn’t talk about such things. Being quiet and sorting things out in one’s mind was the way to go. His family kept things to themselves and did one thing at a time, whilst Orchardville families, where Peachygirl grew up, had to do many things all at once. This caused many misunderstandings in family life in Fruitloopland.

The lemonkids knew nothing of Orchardville, or Bananarama, but only lemons and playing. They wanted to play in Lemonadeland which contained all shapes and sizes of lemons and where lots of little lemons didn’t think about anything or anyone else. Peachygirl wanted the lemons to think about Orchards, the Bananaman wanted the lemons to work in Bananarama when they grew up and he didn’t have much time to play or think or talk with lemons. He just instructed them when he saw them at nights and weekends on the ways of Bananarama.

Big problems in Fruitloopland!

More coming, so stay tuned …

Love Peta XO

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