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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

What do you do best?

Whatever it is, others want it.

Perhaps it is to care for or help others when they are in need. Maybe you love giving gifts or sending cards or cooking a meal for a needy neighbour. Whatever it is, it’s why you are on the planet. It is not insignificant if you can smile. The checkout chic needs that today. Maybe you are great at asking questions and showing interest in others. Perhaps you are an ace cook. (Come right over darling.) Do whatever you do with your special uniqueness. This is you shining the light (Matthew 5:16).

What I do best is to inspire and uplift people. And in particular, women. I believe that the more women who feel encouraged, then it follows that the more families who will be touched positively, even marriages healed or hurting friends helped. The world can change as the ripples go far and wide.

With that in mind, I have a very large God-goal for 2018 and I’m passionate and focussed on it! I desire to personally encourage 100 women daily by the end of 2018. I want my uplifting reach to go out much further than simply to those women I coach or who hear me speaking at events.

My plan is to expand the reach of the text messages I send out that aim to uplift, inspire and encourage. As I pray for them, I believe the messages come from God’s heart to mine then onto the women who receive them*. Many women tell me that each message is a beautiful word in season, which in turn uplifts me!

Let me encourage you, that you are special and extraordinary so go out there and be you! Shine and share your heart today. In that transaction you might just feel a little bit better too!

Love Peta

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