Peta's Blog-Move & Groove

Updated: Aug 19

Don’t be defeated girlfriends if exercise is not your thing. There is a wonderful alternative! Studies suggest that dancing is one of the best exercises neurologically, emotionally and physically. Amazing hey?!

Recently, foot surgery was looming for me and the prospect of prolonged inactivity with drugs for the pain causing multiple side-effects was not pleasant. I wasn’t looking forward to missing my daily exercise with the corresponding feel-good hormones. My physiotherapist suggested some exercises I might do whilst on my back, but I felt I wouldn’t do them very enthusiastically, if at all.

So, what did I do? After surgery, I danced! Yes I really did. I moved and I grooved, whilst lying on my back, to songs I had collected on my phone beforehand. My foot had to be raised for weeks. That wasn’t great. But the dancing was! I felt so energised. Gradually I progressed to sitting and dancing, and now ... I’m moving and grooving standing up.