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The Reason for the Season

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is reason for the season? I hear it said that it’s all about family. Or generosity. Or love, care, giving and on it goes. Yes, it is about all of these.

But, there’s just a little bit missing. Actually, a lot more that isn’t always mentioned. Or even remembered. The reason for the season is Christ.

He came, He lived, He changed the world and He changes us. He’s a game changer. A world changer.

As a result of Christ, we then care, love, give and forgive and during this time, we get together with people who are important to us. To celebrate not just Him but also what He gives us.

His birth. His life. His love and forgiveness. And the Way—to the Father.

Merry Christmas,

Love from

Peta and family

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