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Time of Your Life!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Does your schedule, calendar, to-do-list or whatever you like to call it, seem to rule and govern your life with a mind of its own? Being organised and disciplined about all things time management is a great way to get things done. (I know!) However if the process takes over, rather than being a support for your dreams and God-given purpose, it may in reality be a big heavy noose around your neck.

Whether you are a student, worker, mum, wife, grandma, or all of the above, you and I need balance as we navigate life and, in doing so, I have found that Christ grounds us if we let Him.

Okay, I hear you wail. But how … !

Well, a well-known verse has our answer (thank you God, You are always the answer). It’s in the Amplified version:

There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven—Eccles. 3:1

This blew me away the other day when I got hold of it. God has three things for us to do this side of Heaven—things that delight us, events and things that relate to our purpose.

I’ve had an epiphany moment with this delight thing, but let me quickly mention the others.

  1. I reckon events are those things in your calendar, on your to-do-list or the must dos. Doctor’s appointments, kids’ activities, shopping. You know the list. It’s the never-ending one in your head, on the fridge, in your phone, wherever it lives … the things that must get done and guess what, usually do.

  2. Purpose. Now girls, I’m a life coach and as girls we aren’t too good at this one. This one is doing what God destined and created us for and it’s super important. We don’t tend to rate these as urgent so they often get left off the calendar. Things like: care for self (what’s that you ask, well read it again, you know it); exercise to be fit and healthy in order to do our individual God thing; write that blog or letter (because people are important to you and God and they need to hear from YOU); study to give out what He’s put in you; write that book; and get singing lessons (so that the world can hear your heart). Make your own list. Go on, do it! I believe in you girl.

  3. Last one, and this for me, is a biggy! Why? Well, it’s hip hip hooray! Life is not all about slogging away, or just getting through, or doing what we have to—even the really good stuff. It’s also about fun. Yes fun and it’s spelt e.l.i.g.h.t! Mmmm, new concept I know. What are some examples? Here are some key points with instances to make your life more delightful:1. Delight in the Lord, His Word and His presence through time, worship and prayer—it’s beautiful to get close to Him. “Delight yourself in the Lord …” Ps 37:4 AMP

2. Do delightful things. Those things that you love to do and energise you. I love green vegetation—trees, grass, broccoli (well maybe not broccoli), but the others give me peace and serenity and delight my senses. I also like water (lakes, sea views), dates with hubby, music, a sunrise or sunset, people, and my list goes on. And yours are …?

3. Allow lots of margin in your life to be flexible when delights come your way. LOTS. The more you pack in there the less able you are to see delights around you. (I am the expert on tight margins). NO MORE I say! I commit to this, absolutely.

So girlfriend, maybe your to-do-list needs an addition today. Glorify God by putting in some goals that are glorious. If you do, you’re putting Him first and

“His ways prosper at all times …” Ps 10:5 AMP


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