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Hello Beautiful New Girlfriend

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I love making new friends. Remembering their names is another matter though! (A friend of mine says that to remember the female petrol station attendant’s name, Shirity, they use a mental word association by subtracting a few letters of her name. I won’t tell you what their prompt was—you can probably get it. I just hope she never knows!)

I am so fascinated by people’s stories that meeting new people is great fun for me. In those new exchanges perhaps I can learn something or even add value to them in some small way.

I find that everyone has something to offer and in turn I can give him or her an encouraging word, a smile or an understanding ear.

Sharing what we have, our gifts and talents or just a cup of tea influences others for good and may even affect lives. What you have to offer might seem small to you but not to the lonely or the oppressed or the hungry.

So why not register right this minute for our next event to share your beautiful self, meet some new lovely friends and definitely make a difference in the world as we fundraise for A21.

Go to:

Love and hugs girlfriend,


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